Tire MONTY ProRACE v2 20"x2.00


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- 20 "x2.00 ProRace V2 rear tire with new ProRace V2 graphics in orange, gray and white.
- Specially designed for trials and with the best compromise between durability and lightness.
- It uses a soft compound that ensures high traction while minimizing rebound
- It allows better grip and stability in any type of terrain and weather conditions.
- It incorporates the new 1PCO technology, with a double side to increase the rigidity of the walls, giving the tire an unmatched stability .
- Distribution of the blocking using low profile square blocks widely spaced to prevent mud from sticking to the tread surface.
- Both the top and side studs incorporate micro-perforations, eliminating every last gram of unnecessary weight.
- Folding carcass that allows to minimize considerably the weight and at the same time it absorbs better the energy in the impacts, which helps to avoid punctures.
- Width of 2.00" (51mm), compatible with most 20" tires

- 20 inches (20")
- Width: 2.00" (51mm)

- Black color, with Monty ProRace V2 graphics in white, gray and orange.

- 360g (+-20g)

- Only the tire is supplied. It does not include the rim or the rim strip shown in the pictures.

Additional Information
The operation of cutting/lowering the knobs is exclusively under the responsibility of the user.
However, this operation must be carried out with care and bearing in mind that the warranty of the product will be lost.